• SOU-2

    I am writing to thank you for your outstanding product. The Eye Tactical face shield has greatly improved our breachers safety during responses to critical situations. As you know in Breaching, whether you are using hand tools or highly specialized tools, the potential for serious face injury is always present. Your product has greatly minimized the potential for serious facial injury caused by flying debris. It's rugged construction, wide field of view, durability and optional force air unit makes this a "Must Get" item for all Special Operation Units that perform Breaching Operation.

    We also like the adaptability of the mask to the RBR Ballistic helmet when combined, affords protection that is second to none. We have made the Eye Tactical Facemask a must item for our lead breachers which also makes it easy for everyone to identify who the breachers are during training and live operations. Thanks you again for your commitment and dedication to Operator safety!

    If you would like to, we will be happy to send you our Official Logo to place on your website!

    Una Caterva, Una Pugna

    Felix Aponte

    Senior Chief
    Special Operations Coordinator

  • Security Battalion

    The product is working great. Our SRT team continues to use it every day. We are in the process of trying to increase the size of our team. If and when that occurs, I'm confident that my SRT Commander will want to purchase more.

    Thanks again.

    Security Battalion

    MCB Pendleton, CA

  • K G

    Excellent product that made a huge difference in our training. The mask does not fog easily (unlike our older masks), which allowed us to complete some intensive training without issue that we nearly couldn't do during the last course. Very comfortable setup as well. I'm impressed! Let me know if you ever have someone sitting on the fence for a purchase and I can give them my feedback if you wish. And thanks for the perfect customer support as well; not every purchase is that enjoyable!

    K G

    Captain, Hanford Patrol

  • NTOA

    I had the opportunity to test the Eye Tactical Mask Level I mask. The mask we received came in Black but the mask can also come in olive drab and coyote colors to match with agencies uniform and helmet colors. The directions were very simple and easy to follow. The mask integrated with our ballistic helmets with ease and could be secured quickly to the helmet. I really enjoyed using the mask during our simunition training.The mask never fogged up on me. I really like the fact that the mask is not riding on your face andthere is a small amount of space between the opreator and mask. The nylon neck guard did its job but could probably be a little shorter. The field of view was exceptional. Cleaning of the mask was easy since the mask can be broken down piece by piece. Overall I enjoyed using the mask.


    Test Member-Police officer from Alabama